Vocational Ministry


Please contact the vicar (see our Contact Us page) if you would be interested in either becoming a parish worker or involved in reader or non-stipendiary ministry. There are a number of diocesan exploratory days that can give you insight into what is involved and how these ministries differ. More up to date information can be found on the diocesan website. There are also a number of local people involved in all aspects of these ministries with whom you might find it beneficial to talk.


What is a Pastoral Worker?

Pastoral Workers are lay people who exercise a vital ministry in the Church. They are licensed to work in pastoral ministry in a voluntary capacity. This means work in the fellowship of the church and in the church's many contacts with people at important parts of their lives. That usually means involvement in pastoral care and visiting, including contacts through baptism, weddings, bereavement and illness--and in enabling others to work in these areas. It may also include taking Holy Communion to the sick or housebound. To equip people for that ministry, Chester Diocese provides a course of Initial Training in pastoral knowledge and skills designed to develop you in this important Christian ministry. Pastoral Workers are licensed by the Bishop to an area of ministry determined in that parish and agreed with the incumbent and PCC. Pastoral Workers' ministry will vary depending on their gifts and the needs in the parish. However, the training is designed to give a grounding in a wide variety of pastoral skills and experience.

What is Reader Ministry?

Readers are lay people who exercise a vital ministry in the Church.  They are licensed to preach, teach and lead worship but they also work in a huge variety of other roles, in pastoral work, in training and education and much more. Perhaps most importantly, they are theologically trained lay people who act as a skilled resource for the church. Readers also carry out the vitally important ministry of being informed lay people living out their faith in a huge variety of different walks of life - as a lay ministry, it shouldn't just be centred around 'churchy' activities.